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Preparing for your appointment

Preparing for your appointment at Healthy Futures in Denver. CO

It is important to bring your:

  • Photo Identification card
  • Insurance card
  • Daily monitoring log if you use one (blood pressure/heart rate log, diet log, activity log, blood sugar log)
  • A list of health goals and concerns to discuss with the provider
  • Family and personal medical history
  • List of medications you are taking
  • List of your current and past providers

Reminders for your visit:

  • Please arrive early to your physician as you may need to complete forms.
  • Inform our office of any specific accommodations you require.
  • Verify with the office if you are needing to be fasting for any lab tests
  • During your visit, feel free to ask questions you have about your health. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or nurse to repeat something or allow you time to write it down.

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